Thursday, February 21, 2008

Review: Fishnbanjos Slice of Fly Rod Life

Review: Fishnbanjos Slice of Fly Rod Life

Sante Giuliani is a well-known name in the bamboo fly rod community, but his web site Fishinbanjos Slice of Life in Cyberspace is not as well known outside of fly fishing communities. And that's a shame, as it is a site of broad interest and utility to the fishing community in general. Fishinbanjo, by the way, is Sante's username on the famed Clark's Classic Fly Rod Board linked to the right.

There are really three sections to Sante's web site. The first is the incredible wealth of data available to rod builders. These links and archives contain the transcripts from the old Cracker Barrel web site of the late Dick Spurr of which Giuliani was such an integral part. No question this is one of the more important places for budding bamboo rodmakers to get inspiration and information.

The second part of the web site deals with those, like myself, primarily interested in fishing history. There is a lot of great historical information on the web site, including a downloadable copy of E.C. Powell's Mechanics of Fly Casting and a great article on Syracuse rodmaker Dan Brenan. There is also a useful Orvis rod production database.

The third part is where I think this site could get a lot more use by non-bamboo fly rod collectors. How often have I seen someone post on Joe's about a particular model bamboo fly rod? At least two-three times per week. Well, these folks would do well to bookmark this site, as it has a "Vintage Tackle Makers Information plus Value and Profile Guide" available that gives you current value to hundreds of models of bamboo rods from most of the major makers, ranging from Montague, Heddon and South Bend to Uslan, Dickerson, and Cross. A must for anyone who comes across a nice rod and wants an idea of its value.

Overall, this is one of those sites you'll definitely want to visit on a regular basis. I've posted a link to this site on the right. And who knows? You may just catch bamboo fever and start planning your own fly rod...

-- Dr. Todd

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Unknown said...

Shortly after Dr. Todd wrote this on his Blog I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma after being hospitalized with kidney failure.

In Jan 09 Verizon turned over its communications to FairPoint Communications and my ability to edit Fishnbanjo's Slice of Life in Cyberspace ended due to the transfer messing things up, I tried with no success to have the site access reinstated and finally gave up and launched a newer, and better, web presence at where users may now discuss rods which was sorely missing on the original site and many things have been updated with the Orvis Database by my good friend Greg Reynolds being the big update. Hope you can join us, regards....