Monday, February 18, 2008

The News of the Week, 18 February 2008

A scandal involving using technology to get an unfair advantage not involving the New England Patriots...ragin' about cajun an unintentional chub can warm a cold to be a fishing guide...the Kiwis love their trumpeter...a good time for barracudas?...Lee Marvin's widow regales us of stories of one tough must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Cheating. Skullduggery. Unfair competitive edge. No, we're not talking about Bill Bellichek and the New England Patriots. It's fishing competitions that's got one UK writer's ire up.

Bobby Knight offers to coach pro anglers at The Bassmaster Classic, then proceeds to mock one of them for his long hair and accuse the other of graduating from a dirty Auburn program. No word on whether he threw a seat cushion.

The Rochester Democract tells us that ice fishing is an inexpensive way to relax.

The Detroit Free Press is ragin' about cajun monafilament.

The Miami Herald profiles Doug Hannon, inventor of the WaveSpin fishing reel.

The Minot Daily News gives us the gory details on fishing elbow and other angling ailments.

Well, it's never to early to list your tackle box needs. Mine is a nice Kent Frog.

Ted Lund is the new editor of Bonnier's Salt Water Sportsman Magazine.

Unintentionally Hilarious Headline of the Week: 'ACCIDENTAL' CHUB EASES A COLD NIGHT.

The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center is asking for help buidling a gallery to honor shoreside industries that
supported local fishing fleets.

The Mother Earth News gives you tips on how to become a fishing guide.

This Week in Know Your New Zealand Fish: The Trumpeter.

The Murray State News informs us that lure making is a lifelong hobby.

Berkley/Pure Fishing guru Tom Bedell will be the commencement speaker at Buena Vista University.

From the "I Give Up" File: Farming & Water Interests seek to target striped bass so they can suck more water out of the delta region.

Bad fishing movie "Bait Shop" cannot be saved, even by professional anglers as consultants and extras.

The Argus Leader declares that we should not believe the hype on some fishing products.

Great combos in world history: Bird and McHale. Dolce and Gabbana. Martin and Lewis. And now, Larry Cupper's Country Station and Tackle Shop in Broussard.

Come on in and meet the Ayatollah of the Fishing Hole-ah.

Apparently, anglers go a little overboard when it comes to fish of the order Siluriformes.

The Fon Du Lac Reporter covers the annual spearing harvest.

Foster's Daily Democrat argues for, but I don't think there is ever a good time for barracudas. Hey, I saw Finding Nemo...

The latest rage: fly fishing film tours.

Lure maker Mark Nichols of D.O.A. Lures is still garnering national press.

Finishing with a Flourish: Pamela Marvin--widow of The Dirty Dozen star Lee Marvin--still keeps his fishing gear along with his Oscar.

-- Dr. Todd

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