Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Funhouse

The Friday Funhouse

Video(s) of the Week

A bonus video this week. As I am a sports radio junkie (great background noise while I'm working), I have listened to Mike & Mike in the mornings on ESPN. Not my favorite, mind you, but infinitely better than some (READ: the horrible Colin Cowherd). Anyway, this video was posted this morning of Mike Golic at the Bassmaster Classic and I had to put it up. Consider it a Friday Funhouse bonus!

A neat video of a 106 Pound Nile Perch.

Things I Would Buy If I Could Afford Them

I never knew vintage gas cans were collectable!

A Meek & Milam #1 would make a great addition to anyone's reel collection.

This is one super looking CCBC Sarasota

Instant Collection of the Week: Tiny Punkinseeds.

Speaking of punkinseeds, holy silver shore batman!

A nice South Bend Truck-o-Reno, the meanest looking musky bait around.

A nifty Fin-Nor tycoon fly reel in the box will make someone happy.

Very nice vintage lot of 9 Blind Eye Salmon Hooks for fly tying...

I love this Moonlight Polly Wog in the box.

Reason #498 to buy every tackle book ever released: Schmookler & Sils Forgotten Flies.

A nice Kimmich Mouse is a tough little micey to find

How often do you get a shot at a Shakespeare Albany Floating Bait?

Your Heddon of the Week: #100 Underwater Minnow in Aluminum in box!

Your Heddon of the Week #2: Black Sucker in the Box

Who wouldn't love a Detroit Glass Minnow Tube?

A W.D. Chapman Safety Deposit lure is ALWAYS a tough find.

Have a great weekend and be nice to yourself, and others.

-- Dr. Todd

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