Monday, February 4, 2008

News of the Week, 04 February 2008

Dog outfishes master, gets sold for his trouble...the truth about Bagley mania...early Minnesota opener is still causing debate...the Kiwis love their flounder...the northern pike gets a 11+ pound largemouth through the ice...angler wins big bass classic on first cast...Mr. Hannah Montana to make a fishing movie...high school rodmaking class...the sad fate of a record must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: Dog owned by Croatian angler outfishes him, gets sold for its efforts.

The Morris Daily Herald tries to get to the bottom of the Bagley fishing lure mania.

Kiwi boats biggest Yellowfin tuna in New Zealand in almost a quarter century.

How the internet changed fishing.

The Annapolis Capital tells us to buck up and not be put off by the cold.

The Detroit Free Press declares fly tackle for grouper is easier on the arms.

Sam Cook opines on early fishing opener in Minnesota.

This Week in Know Your New Zealand Fishes: The Flounder.

The joys of ice fishing in New Hampshire.

Northern Pike: The Legend and Myth. Coming soon to a cineplex near you.

Steve Carson updates us on the salmon crisis.

In Port Orange, a Florida tackle shop is all in the family.

Maryland angler catches 11 pound 3 oz. largemouth. Caught through the ice.

Just your average 70 pound Sturgeon. Caught through the ice. Are you sensing a theme here?

The Chicago Daily Herald, you know, the small Chicago paper that carries outdoor news, opines on how fly fishing provides for precious moments.

Bill Cochran asks, how big do stripers get?

15-year old Mikhail Cowan is better angler than you, boats 240 pound Marlin.

14-year old Missourian also better angler than you, gigs Missouri state record silver redhorse sucker. Also bagged whitetail doe and 10-point buck before sunrise on deer hunting opener. And shot two gobblers weighing 21 and 22 pounds. You may now silently weep.

Fisherman wins Heavyweight Bass Classic with 10.52 oz largemouth. On first cast. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

Alabama wants to protect the catfish.

The Pittsburgh Tribune writes on what's new in tackle, including the Zebco Hawg Seeker rod.

From the Tragedy Files: Billy Ray Cyrus--your daughter will know him as the father of Hannah Montana--set to star in a movie entitled Bait Shop. Directed by the man who brought you Delta Farce. I am speechless.

Australian man hopes to take the luck out of fishing. Also seeks to eliminate fun from Christmas.

The Washington Post doesn't applaud the fate of the 73-pound record Virginia fish.

This Is Derbyshire gives us the scoop on why women love barbels.

Finishing with a Flourish: Third Period Rodmaking--students at Elma High School make fishing rods as part of classroom project.

-- Dr. Todd

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