Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Review of the NFLCC's New Web Site

Review: The NFLCC Web Site

The National Fishing Lure Collector's Club has worked very hard to revamp its web site, so I thought I would take a closer look at some of these changes. Primarily, the NFLCC has maintained a web site as a way of promoting information about the club. In this, it has always been a functional site--you still have your club information, show calendar, club shop, periodical information, etc.

But the NFLCC web site is not just about renewing your membership anymore. Two new areas are the message board and the gallery. The message board has been changed/updated a number of times, as it has been devastated by spam over the past year. One can hope the problems are fixed as there are currently only about five messages in total on the board, and that's a shame.

The most interesting addition is the gallery. I have always felt the NFLCC should make a place where donated research material is available to the membership, and they have created one. Hundreds of pages of great material are available in the gallery ranging from old catalogs to photos of rare spearing decoys. This promises to be one of the most important research tools on the entire web for fishing history.

All in all, the NFLCC has inaugurated some necessary and exciting changes on its web site. Now, all that's necessary is for members to start utilizing it on a regular basis. I know I'll be checking in to see if the gallery and message board are getting much use.

-- Dr. Todd

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Matt Wickham said...

Thanks for the blog post on the nflcc website. We are going through some growing pains, but we do have a clear vision to create more of a community. I personnally appreciate your approach and contributions, both to your own blog and the angling collector community contributions as a whole. The message board is back up and running, so please post to it! Our main focus is the building of the Gallery into the leading source of collector reference information available. Eventually, certain sections will be available to NFLCC members only, but it is all available now. The next step will be a change to a content management system based on Joomla (see joomla dot org for more information). We have over 180,000 pages of unpublished information, so it is a big job. We need more people involved to do the proper job. Alot of the time, we hear the complaints with no offer to help. So it is.