Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thursday Review: Eddies Magazine (Fall 2009)

Thursday Review: Eddies Magazine (Fall 2009)

The latest edition of one of my favorite magazines just hit the mailbox. Eddies: Reflections on Fisheries Conservation is an official publication of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and if you have any love at all for the outdoors, you know how much the USF&W has done to promote and preserve our sport.

This issue is the best yet. Great articles like "'Running' a Historic Hatchery" by Lee Allen and "Restoring Ancestral Waters" by Ben Ikenson are outstanding, but I found particularly compelling the "Meanders" column by Dr. Samuel Snyder, a new Ph.D. specializing in American fishing history.

Eddies serves an absolutely critical need in our sport by disseminating timely and interesting articles about the past and current state of fisheries management in America. I encourage everyone to subscribe.

Sample issues of the magazine (including the most recent issue) can be found on the Eddies web site by Clicking Here. The magazine is brilliantly edited by Craig Springer.

-- Dr. Todd

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