Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Power of the People...

The Power of the People...

Perhaps you'll recall a little over two years ago Dan Basore alerted us to a rather dastardly act by the Chicago Tribune newspaper to discontinue outdoor coverage. Refresh your memory by clicking here and by clicking here.

Well, although it took over two years, the Tribune has finally seen the light. A little birdy told me that they have FINALLY hired a new outdoor columnist! Here's the intel:

I have a major scoop for you. The Chicago Tribune is adding an Outdoors columnist. Don Dziedzina who has written for Midwest Outdoors and has a new television show will be named to head that post. Now many of us that had dropped the Trib may return.

Agreed. My boycott of all things Tribune will end the moment the first column comes out.

I'm positive without all of the people (some from right here) writing in to tell them how foolish it is to turn their back on the outdoor community, there would be no outdoor column in the Tribune.

Way to go folks!

-- Dr. Todd

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