Saturday, October 12, 2013

Letterheadings with Jim Jordan: Sticker Baits (1933)

I love finding paper from old obscure lure makers. This envelope is one of my favorites. It features the name F.J. Pfeifle, the name "Sticker Baits" and images of two of the companies baits. Frederick John Pfeifle was an Ohio business man and inventor. In 1913 Pfeifle started the Mechanical Mold & Machine Company. The company made molds and dies. Pfeifle held a number of patents, most of which were related to his mold & die business. He held at least one patent for an artificial lure. He filed for the patent  on Feb. 28 , 1933. Patent 1,993,018  was granted on March 5 ,1935.

The lure would feature a body made of sponge or crepe rubber having a natural rough porous water-pervious surface , whereby the lure may in some cases be used either as a floating lure or as an under-water lure. The soft body of the bait would conceal the hook and prevent the hook from becoming snagged by weeds, logs, or other obstructions when the lure is drawn through the water. His patent states that his invention could be used for simulation of any desired live bait, such as a mouse, minnow, frog, etc. His patent drawing shows three separate forms, Fig. 1  is a mouse type. Fig. 7 is listed in the patent as a modified form of a lure ( Minnow shaped). Fig. 8 is listed as a pork chunk simulation.

With the images on the patent drawing and those of the frog and crawfish on the envelope, I am hopeful Pfeifle produced at least five lure variations. I have not been able to find any advertisements for this company. Perhaps the correspondence originally in this envelope addressed to National Sportsman was an inquiry about ad space in the magazine. I have only seen one example of a Sticker Bait and it is a crawfish with the original box. I'd like to give a big "Thank you" to fellow collector Doug Carpenter for sharing the photo of this rare bait & box. If anyone out there has any other info. about Sticker Baits, I' be very interested in learning more about this Willoughby, Ohio Company.

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Jim Jordan

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