Saturday, October 5, 2013

Letterheadings with Jim Jordan: Angler's Bait & Mftg. Co. (1914)

This weeks feature is an illustrated 1914 Angler's Bait & Mfg. Company envelope. It shows jars of some of the companies bait offerings including silver side minnows and frogs. It also pictures a piece of  pork chunk complete with its yarn tied attractor which was popular in the early 1900's and teens. The company offered fisherman a wide variety of preserved and live baits starting at least as early as 1904. The cover is addressed to University of Arkansas, Med. Dept. Little Rock, Ark.  I'd like to think this was mailed to an angling Professor like our own Dr. Todd, but most likely this had more to do with biological laboratory experiments. Research turned up the name Angler's Bait & Mfg. Co. listed as a suggested vendor of frogs for a number of  learning and research institutions.

Best  Regards,
Jim Jordan

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