Thursday, August 12, 2010

Research Report: 12 August 2010

The last Research Report about the Origins of the Swimmin' Minnowreceived many answers. Here is the most comprehensive:

Dr. Todd,
The Swimmin Minnow came along well after several other companys made a similar lure.  The history of the Nichols/PICO Perch has been documented numerous times including in the September 1992 issue of TIDE magazine.  During an interview with Fred Nichols son, Harold, he stated he and a friend had taken a early perch, the model with the plastic fins, and cut off the tail.  The shortened body created a tight wiggle when retrieved.  This lure would later become the PICO Perch which was responsible for catching many fish in the 1950s( and still works today).  Other company's products like the Swimmin Minnow and Whopper Stoppers Bayou Boogie were attempts to copy the success of the PICO Perch.  The earliest Bayou Boogie looked nothing like the PICO Perch but was shaped somewhat like a River Runt as Dr. Todd stated.  When the PICO Perch success took off they changed the lure to a copy of the PICO Perch and used the Bayou Boogie name. 
There was also an early Texas company, Sportsman's, that made a Talking Perch.  This lure was just slightly fatter the the PICO Perch but had the same basic body type.  Sportsmans history is very hard to come by.  Sportsmans may have actually been an earlier product but the truth remains hidden.
 There are several collectors that collect Louisiana lures listed in the NFLCC Directory.
Colby Sorrells

Thanks also to Gordon Shaw, Ramon-Singer, Gerald Garrett and others for emailing! Let's keep the ball rolling this week!


This week, we have a Bagley question from Dan Basore. If you have an answer, send it to me or directly to Dan at Here is his question:

Hi Todd....
In a moment of inspiration my thoughts went to your offer of your site as a focal point for research.
I'm researching the following Bagley questions for effective fishing results with Bagley lures;
1. Which Bagley Lures are your favorites for fishing ranked first to last?
2. What finishes are best ranked first to last.
3. How do you fish them?
4. Are there any features of the older or newer lures that are important?
5. Why do you like these lures?
6. Any other comments will be appreciated.
Lures truly,
Dan Basore

-- Dr. Todd

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