Thursday, August 19, 2010

UPDATE: More Jim Bo Information!

UPDATE: More Jim Bo Information!

Yesterday we profiled the interesting Florida lure called the Jim Bo. Today, Jim Viviano of Chesterfield, MO writes:

I like the article on the Jimbos you posted on Joes Board. Here is a picture of my Jimbo collection. I have the 8 standard colors, plus two others that I have found.
Years later after the large size Jimbos were no longer made, someone in Las Vegas started making a small Jimbo with a red felt skirt (or wings) on them.  I have found a few and they are at the bottom of my collection.

Thanks for the info, Jim, and that's a very attractive display! Long live the Jim-Bo!

-- Dr. Todd


larryb said...

Boy oh boy,I don't know what it is about these Jim Bo lures but man do they ever look like they can catch fish to me. Of course they will probably never again be even close to a body of water eh. :-) lb

Teal said...


You said it. A lot of later lures (like Cordell's spot) were influenced by this design.

I bet it would still catch fish!

-- Dr. Todd