Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Voices from the Past: Gold Fish Rods (1939)

The following article appeared in the The Wisconsin State Journal for June 8th, 1939. It details a gift by local sportsman to the Norwegian crown prince Olav, who was visiting the state later that month. Two of the gifts were fly rods; one a "gold plated rod" and the other chosen by a "nationally known expert."

Norse Royalty to Get Gold Fish Rods

Royalty will receive gold plated fishing rods when it comes to Madison.

Crown Prince Olav and Princess Martha of Norway, scheduled to arrive in Madison June 19, will be greeted by Wisconsin sportsmen.

The state conservation department plans to add a generous supply of choice brook trout to the stream at Little Norway, near Mt. Horeb. and two sporting goods companies will give the prince and his wife special rods.

A handmade, gold plated rod, such as has been made for President Roosevelt, Vice-President Garner, and former President Hoover, will be given the prince by one company, and another will give the prince a rod chosen by a nationally known expert.

While the stay in Wisconsin will be occupied largely with formal matters and speeches, Norwegians at Little Norway feel the couple also should be introduced to the superior qualities of the state as a playground.

I'd very much like to know who made the gold plated rod for the crown prince of Norway!

-- Dr. Todd

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