Monday, August 16, 2010

News of the Week: 16 August 2010

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A passion for antique tackle...why the Strike King Sexy Shad may the defining lure of this the carp the freshwater bonefish...Captain Mel Berman's fishing lures...a review of An Entirely Synthetic angling mural...Skunk Works bamboo rods gets sued...TV's Deadliest Catch goes walleye fishing...a fly angler stalks the angling CD benefits fishing waters...Aussies get into the mind of a Great White Shark...

Photographer inherits frog harness...antique tackle on display...a big week for outdoorsman lands the dream fishing aims to throw off the elite image...a sporting goods store celebrates 100 years...Lamiglas gets a bailout loan...salmon on the jig...shark fishing...detroit lure maker makes a name for himself...scientists seek fish carcasses...sockeye opening....angler saved from drowning by life jacket...Wikipedia whiffs another fishing pictures are about more than fish...G. Loomis drops suit against Gary must be the NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: A photographer inherits a vintage frog harness.

Antique fishing tackle on display at the Goulbourn Museum.

John Merwin declares last week a big one for pro bass fishing.

How one outdoorsman landed the ultimate job.

Fly fishing aims to throw off its elite image.

Fort Myers sporting goods store celebrates its centennial.

A wrasse is the top catch?

Good coin for striped bass.

A fortunate fish catch was one for all the girls.

Little girl is much better angler than you, catches catfish on Dora the Explorer rod and reel.

Lamiglas, Inc. gets a $2.2 loan from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Catching salmon by jigging.

Sinking your teeth into shark fishing.

This Detroit area lure maker is making a name for himself.

In Florida, the trout are available from Dunedin to Aripeka.

Scientists are seeking fish carcasses for analysis.

The sockeye opening in B.C. has them flocking to the river.

Reason #4431 to wear a life jacket: man saved from drowning in Susquehanna River by his jacket.

Why Wikipedia is the world's #1 source of misinformation: 100 pound King Salmon did not happen.

Gordon Campbell says a fishing picture is about more than fish...

Finishing with a Flourish: G. Loomis, Inc. lawsuit against Gary Loomis is dropped.

-- Dr. Todd

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