Monday, August 23, 2010

News of the Week: 23 August 2010

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The case for lead weights...a monster fish leads to a lifelong obsession...Irish fly catches 1000th species...famed Texas bass guide retires...mounting a World Record Brown...muskies on the fly...Aussie PM snubs tackle establishment...Ben Affleck to play angler in new film...go fish Goa...Tiger Trout record stands 32 years and counting...British anglers spend 3 billion pounds per World Record Brown is established...a record eel claim in Britain is causing an uproar...Rangeley Outdoor Sporting Heritage Museum opens...Kiwis fish in a time must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: The bad rap against lead is exposed by both the World Fishing Network and ESPN's Bill Dance.

A monster fish that lead to an obsession.

The Irish turn out in big numbers for the fly fishing championships.

Angler finally catches his 1,000th species.

A famed Texas bass guide retires after 45 years.

Mounting the world record Brown Trout.

On Missouri's Grand River, a new reel and an old fillet knife get a workout.

Muskies on the fly in Northern Wisconsin.

Aussie PM snubs fishing tackle trade show.

Fishing with "Tackle" Terry.

Ben Affleck to play an Alabama angler in new film by Terrence Malick.

When I saw the title "Jigging Mayhem at the Vernons" I thought something has gone amiss with my friend Steve.

Go fishing in Goa.

In Oxford, UK, a tackle shop is burgled.

The Tiger Trout record still stands after 32 years.

The always good Paul Smith on why you need a regular check-up at the doctor.

British anglers are fishing obsessed to the tune of 3 billion pounds.

Roger Hellen's 41 pound 8 ounce Brown is officially a new workd record.

In Britain, a tumult over a record eel claim.

Georgetown father-and-son net a 497 pound tuna.

Kayak Angler Magazine claims chicks dig big fish.

The Rangeley Outdoor Sporting Heritage Museum is now open for business.

Finishing with a Flourish: In New Zealand, they are fishing the time warp.

-- Dr. Todd

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