Monday, August 30, 2010

News of the Week: 30 August 2010

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EPA opts to NOT ban lead...14 year old much better angler than you, catches record mahi...Indiana fishing writer hangs it up...a Quincy bait shop hides some gems...Eddie Bauer history...the fly tying elite meets in Jersey...what catches more trout, lures or bait?...17 year old gets fishing wish granted...sharking in the Celtic Sea...Filipino breaks world record...Mike Hart's cheating is still causing controversy...record Sockeye run has scientists baffled...trying to replace Two Tone in Britain...Wisconsin angler hooks, lands, releases a must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: EPA rejects calls to ban lead in fishing tackle, ammo.

14 year old much better angler than you, catches record 59 pound Mahi.

Indiana fishing writer hangs up his rod and reel.

This Quincy bait shop hides some hidden gems.

A little history of Eddie Bauer.

Bill Ward says old lures still have appeal.

In Jersey, fly tying elite share ideas.

These old veterans hook a few new fishing stories.

Joe Mosby says fishing gear over the years has changed.

What is a better bait for trout: lures or bait?

A 17-year old gets his fishing wish granted.

Sharking in the Celtic Sea.

This man from Ellensburg can really fish.

After three years, fishing feel pretty darn good.

A Filipino breaks a world record on a shoestring.

Arthur Roca, South Coast fishing legend, passes away.

Suspicion lingers in the wake of the Mike Hart bass fishing scandal.

This Van Staal is a terrific fishing reel with a great history.

This Bluegill is a record catch.

Where to find trophy cats.

Why the record sockeye run has scientists baffled.

Expert anglers are looking for the next potential record British carp.

6 year oldf better angler than you, catches first Cobia.

Finishing with a Flourish: Wisconsin angler hooks, lands, and releases...a coyote? Wait...what?

-- Dr. Todd

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