Sunday, July 25, 2010

Research Report: 25 July 2010

This week in The Research Report we get a question from Claude, who asks about the origins of the "Swimmin' Minnow" type of lure popularized by Texas bait makers.

Here is Claude's question:
Swimmin Minnow type lures,  Who made the first one? Tackle Industries? A. D. MFG? PICO?  Also did Tackle Industries make copies of their swimmin minnow for other companies,  (Buck Eye Madd Minnow, Ol Bens Hobo and Millionare, Loco (made in Shreveport LA no one has heard of this one) and if so which ones?
Any idea where is a good place to start to research Lures made in Shreveport LA?  I don't live there so would be all phone or online research.
Also a tidbit of info,  The first Bayou Boogie was made in Monroe LA and looked more like a river runt than a swimmin Minnow.  At least all the research I can come up with says that.  I got one in the box. 
Thanks for any info that is provided.

If anyone has any answers to this query, drop me a note and I'll post it on the blog!

-- Dr. Todd

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