Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Research Report: 07 July 2010

My apologies this was a couple days late, but with Nationals here and starting up a Summer Class I have been crushed...

The response to Jim Garrett and Skip Brook's Research Query was gratifying! Click Here to read their original query about Montague 4-screw reels. Thanks to several readers, we've been able to add several new names to their list: VIM (the Chicago sporting goods company) and Van Uxem (another Chicago trade house). Hurray!

This week's Research Query comes from Colby Sorrels. Colby writes:

Dr. Todd,
I am working on a series of articles for the NFLCC Gazette called Milestones.  The articles cover fishing tackle items that made a big change in the way we fish or fishing history.
One of the subjects is the Johnson Silver Minnow.  Not much is known about Louis Johnson. 
I have 2 questions I would love to have the answers to.
1.  What does the date 8-22-1928 represent on some Johnson Silver Minnows?  Now before everyone says the patent date, the true patent date is 8-28-1923 as documented by patent 1,466,231.  This is the patent date shown on many Johnson Silver Minnows.  Johnson was issued a second patent # 1,785,310 on Dec 16, 1930 for another spoon.  The 8-22-1928 date was a Wednesday and at that time all patents were issued on Tuesdays!  Does anyone know what significance the 8-22-1928 date has for Johnson Silver Minnows?
2.  Did Louis Johnson have any children?  A John Harvey Johnson of Corpus Christi was issued patent 2,124,822 on July 26, 1938.  This patent was assigned to John Nelson of the Louis Johnson Company.  Was John Harvey Johnson related to Louis Johnson?
Thanks for considering my Johnson Silver Minnow patent date question for your Research Report feature.
-- Colby Sorrells

Thanks, Colby! Anyone with any information on this, drop me a note at whitefishpress AT yahoo DOT com!

-- Dr. Todd

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