Thursday, July 15, 2010

NFLCC Nationals, Part II

NFLCC Nationals, Part II

The Nationals is as much about the displays as it is about anything else. I truly admire those who haul their fishing tackle, many times across multiple states, and all in the name of education and fun. Here are just a few of the great tackle exhibits, beginning with the young adult category winner Nicholas Comjean. (Thanks again to Steve Lumpkin for the pics).

Nick's great poem that accompanied his exhibit.

Nick's great fishing pics.

His display of Bagleys in the awesome Pistachio color.

A great exhibit of trolley sinkers.

The famed "Frog Pond" from the right.

From the left.

Close up of the "Frog Pond."

An unbelievable CCBC Plunker Display.

Musky Jitterbug display.

A fitting tribute to Tennessee tackle.

Another shot.

Lures made in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Too cool for words.

Tomorrow: Final Thoughts.

-- Dr. Todd

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