Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Research Report: 27 June 2010

This week's Research Report comes courtesy of Jim Garrett and Skip Brooks, noted tackle researchers. They are conducting research on the Montague Rod & Reel Company, and would like some help on the following research query:

We are doing research on reels made by the Montague Rod and Reel Co.  They made two versions of a high end four screw casting reel.  It is the classiest casting reel they ever made, and they made a bunch.  The second version, with flat skirted controls and a recessed jewel on the endcaps began appearing in the late teens and was sold for at least a decade.   It is the only Montague reel to ever use these endcaps to my knowledge.  It is pictured below and can be found advertised in a number of retail catalogs  with different names such as E. K. Tryon"s "Jay Harvey" model.

My question is this:  How many different names appeared on this reel during its career?  I have nine in my collection, and know of three additional.  The names are, Abbey & Imbrie Delux, Abbey & Imbrie Dolphin, Abercrombie & Fitch, Fox Lake, Habich, Jay Harvey, Jupiter, Marshal Field, President, Vee Bee, VL&A Expert No.3, and VL&A Ne-Pee-Nauk.  Does anyone out there have any others?

Anyone with any additional information on these reels are requested to email us at -- we'll post any information next week!

Thanks to everyone who submitted a research question. Please keep them coming! You can send any research queries to the above email address.

-- Dr. Todd

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