Monday, July 5, 2010

News of the Week: 06 July 2010

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The Mexican fishes with moustaches get all the girl fishies...Pocomoke ten year old takes big fish honors...Canadian parks loan tackle...anglers save brown trout with their hooks...Bahama cool spot Bimini Big Game Club open again for business...Fen eel catching...ultra-lite tactics...Dancin' crappie jigs...topwater angling is the tops...biking to shark bait...Aussie teens can angle...the Warsaw Grouper is a fearsome sight...Wild Bill's tackle angler and writer Anna J. Minicucci has passed on...the Sun's Piranha scare is must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: This Mexican fish wears a moustache to attract mates...

Pocomoke ten year old better angler than you; catches the Big Fish.

In Canada, Ontario provincial parks provide you fishing tackle.

Angler help rescue brown trout from oxygen-depleted waters.

Bahamas icon the Bimini Big Game Club re-opens.

This Fen eel catcher carries on the work of generations.

Using ultra-light tactics.

In Louisiana, Sac-a-lait love the Dancin' Crappie jigs.

Why you need more than one rod.

The always good Ray Sasser declares topwater lures tops in excitement.

Why we should bike to fish.

The overlooked catfish offer huge opportunities.

From the Only in Minnesota Files: A new play premiers in Fergus Falls called Fishing Widows: The Reel Story.

Len Codeall gives you many reasons to pick vintage tackle over the stock market.

ESPN reports on Operation Rod and Reel.

Why groundfishing is a secret pleasure.

The best bait to catch sharks.

Three Aussie teenagers much better anglers than you, too: catch 58 pound dolphin fish.

This Syracuse couple makes it work both on and off the lake.

Why the Warsaw Grouper is an awesome sight to behold.

Wild Bill has his own tackle shop?

New friends are helping the Baghdad Fishing Club.

Sad News: Anna J. Minicucci, fly angler and writer has passed away.

Finishing with a Flourish: Why the U.K. Sun's recent "Piranha Scare" was absolute bunk.

-- Dr. Todd

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