Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Day Fishing Tackle Saved a Man's Life

The Day Fishing Tackle Saved a Man's Life

I found an interesting ad in the 1947 Hunting & Fishing magazine that related a story of how an angler had saved another angler's life with his fishing tackle. Here's the text of the ad:


H.E. Roberson made perfect cast to Jess Williams...Played him like a Big One to Safety

Many men have fallen into the surf at Point Lobos near Carmel, California, but Jess Williams is the only one to come out alive...thanks to the alertness, and skill of his friend, H.E. Roberson and his SUNSET LINE.

Williams was fishing from a rock when a big wave swept him into the sea. As he was being taken out by the ride and strong currents, Roberson made a perfect cast that fell across Williams' body. He wrapped the Sunset Line around his arm and after letting out a few hundred feet of line Roberson played his q50-pound catch to safety in 20 minutes.

And as always the SUNSET LINE was "EVERY INCH DEPENDABLE." They're of lumps or bumps...precision built for perfect casting and free-reeling.

And perfect, it would seem, for saving lives!

By the way, H.E. Roberson was a police officer in the Police Intelligence Division of the L.A.P.D. so he was no stranger to saving lives. And that had to be one of the great clutch casts in history.

-- Dr. Todd

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