Monday, July 26, 2010

News of the Week: 26 July 2010

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A passion for antique tackle...why the Strike King Sexy Shad may the defining lure of this the carp the freshwater bonefish...Captain Mel Berman's fishing lures...a review of An Entirely Synthetic angling mural...Skunk Works bamboo rods gets sued...TV's Deadliest Catch goes walleye fishing...a fly angler stalks the angling CD benefits fishing waters...Aussies get into the mind of a Great White Shark...

The Big Lead: The Island Packet details a passion for antique fishing tackle.

Why the Strike King Sexy Shad may be the defining lure of this generation.

Is the Carp the freshwater bonefish?

Memories of Captain Mel Berman and his fishing lures.

Why catching your own bait can be fun and easy.

A nice review of Anders Halverson's An Entirely Synthetic Fish.

This young graffiti artist paints angling murals.

The story of Skunk Works bamboo rods and the ridiculous Lockheed lawsuit reaches Tech Dirt.

Kenai Reds are now running.

Star of TV's Deadliest Catch fishes for Lake Erie Walleye.

A reprint of a very odd story of a man who stalks the Kennedy compound with a fishing rod, but never makes a cast...

A 47 pound bass saves a slow week.

New CD "Songs from the Tackle Box" benefits fishing waters through Recycled Fish.

Why a fight with a marlin shows the value of a knot.

Aussies are trying to get inside the mind of a Great White.

Finishing with a Flourish: The Wall Street Journal reports on oddball surfcasters who fish for stripers while swimming have coined the term "Skishing" for their new endeavor. Too bad the American Casting Association already coined the word "Skish" for a type of casting game over 50 years ago.

-- Dr. Todd

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