Friday, May 11, 2018

The Friday Funhouse

The Video of the Week

Another old home fishing video. Love these.

12 Thing I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

This bizarre English-Made Howban Reel is a wonderful find.

Tugis is an early vom Hofe A&I casting reel.

I've never seen this Shakespeare Dealer Sign before.

What's not to like about this superb Baby Vamp?

I'm personally not into contemporary ice decoys but this Rick Wirth might make me change my mind.

This Zinc Screwtail is great in the box.

Apparently there are only like three or four known of this Jointed Millsite.

This Fred Young handcarved Big-O is a beautiful lure.

You don't see this Jermyn Bros. Heinie Spinner on Card very often.

Loving this Staley-Johnson Twin Minn in the box.

I like the K&K Minnow a lot!

This big Bagley Bang-O-Lure is great.

As always, have a great weekend -- and be good to each other, and yourself.

-- Dr. Todd


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