Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Fishing Themed Advertisement: Shredded Wheat (1916)

This week in The Fishing Themed Advertisement we get a nifty full page ad run in the August 14, 1916 issue of The Independent, a major literary and news magazine of the day. It features the famous Shredded Wheat -- the substance of which was used to make Triscuit crackers -- as a backdrop to a fishing trip. "When you take to the woods you will want to take with you an out-door food that is easily and quickly prepared…" the advertisement declared, showing an angler putting his fly rod together on a wooden crate marked "Shredded Wheat Biscuit."

One wonders why two men would need so much Shredded Wheat for one fishing trip -- how much fiber do two men actually need? -- but since even today it is still a delicious breakfast, we'll cut the artist (it's unsigned) some slack and just enjoy a nice idyllic fishing picture, without thinking about the aftermath of eating 48 pounds of Shredded Wheat while camping in the woods.

-- Dr. Todd

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