Monday, December 30, 2013

The 20 Most Interesting Fishing Stories of 2013

Presented in no particular order, we get my list of the most important and interesting fishing stories of 2013.

The 20 Most Interesting Fishing Stories of 2013

Biggest salmon in 75 years caught in Scotland.

Atlantic Sturgeon leaps into man's boat.

The Rebirth of Tycoon Tackle!

Police arrest confessed killer of pro angler Jimmy Johnson.

Legendary ice decoy carver James "Judd" Nelson has passed away.

The Norwegians are yelling "Helpe Meg!!" over the size of this tryout.

The great Ian Frazier documents the last days of Stealhead Joe.

Wright Thompson, the best journalist around, chronicles the great Tom Morgan.

More information on the Brittania fly reel.

Kirk Deeter is Missing John Merwin….

114 year old woman is better angler than you.

Record breaking 103-pound cod is landed.

The 10 Weirdest Fishing Lures.

Karl White is still seeking a home for his massive collection.

A profile of Tibor "Ted" Jurascik.

The great John Merwin has passed.

Lew's resurgence is a great story.

Incredibly knowledgable (and nice) collector Jim Schottenham, and Lang's Auctions, gets a nice profile in the Wall Street Journal.

Remembering the great Bill Cullerton Sr.

An interview with Jeremy Wade.

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