Wednesday, May 2, 2012

UPDATE: Biggest Smallmouth on Vintage Tackle?

Fly tier extraordinaire Royce Stearns emails about his entry into "biggest fish caught on vintage tackle," a great smallie caught in Spring 2011. Royce writes:

I'll add a Smallmouth caught on 70+ year old tackle spring 2011

Rod:  Goodwin Granger Favorite baitcaster (bamboo)

Reel:  Brooklure #35 level wind bait reel

Length: 19"

Awesome fish, Royce! I'd bet that smallie goes 5 pounds. The Brooklure #35 was a Bronson trade reel made for Spiegel & Co. ca. 1940. And, of course, the Granger is a true classic from Denver.

-- Dr. Todd

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