Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday Review: The Bud Snyder Collection

Three weeks from tomorrow the collection of the late William R. "Bud" Snyder will go to gavel by Houghton Auctions of Zumbrota, Minnesota.

I knew Bud Snyder a little back in the day--few collector in Minnesota during the 1980s and 1990s did not cross paths with Bud back then. He was a colorful character, that's for sure, and its probably best to leave it at that. No sense in getting in to the problems that caused his falling out with the NFLCC.

Another thing is certain--Bud owned a lot of fishing tackle. A LOT of tackle. I suspect that this auction, with 1000+ lots, is only what's left of Bud's collection. But what there is exemplary of the old school method of collecting, which is probably best called "accumulating."

Much of the tackle was made into a massive display of tackle that Bud had on display.

Fortunately, auctioneer Todd Houghton has put up photos of the 1000+ lots (although a few aren't very clear) and opened the bidding to the internet through ProxyBid service. There's a lot of junk to wade through, befitting an accumulator's collection, of course, but there is also some really nice pieces and an occasional diamond. It's well worth checking out.

Whatever else might be said, there is one truism: Bud Snyder loved old fishing tackle, and his collection is a testament to that singular fact.

You can view large scale photos of the auction items at Houghton's web site, or go directly to the auction catalog by clicking here.

-- Dr. Todd