Thursday, December 29, 2011

Voices from the Past: The Killer Fishing Rod (1906)

This week in Voices from the Past we get a story about the unluckiest fishing rod owner in history. Check out the last line of the story, printed in The Los Angeles Herald for 12 September 1906.


Caught under a Passing Train and Dragged Its Owner Under the Wheel

Special to the Herald

Chicago, Ill. Sept. 11. Charles W. Shippey, 47 years old, a well known real estate dealer, was killed by a Pere Marquette train in Englewood last night. Mr. Shippey was about to board the train to go to Rex Terrace, Mich.

It is thought that a fishing rod in his hand caught under the cars and dragged him after it.

In his pocket was a newspaper clipping containing an account of the death of Webster Batchellor of San Francisco, who had left Mr. Shippey $100,000.

-- Dr. Todd


Doc Outlaw said...

But, what kind of rod was it?

Teal said...

Good question!

FISH TALES said...

my father once told me if I was drowning let go of the rod... good advice I guess.. awsome blog, I have a rather poor collection of other peoples old junk I call fishing gear.. love the Heddons, have a few youve shown here-