Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Big Move!

Some of you know I have been the caretaker of The Classic Fly Rod Forum, which (depending on what metric you use) is either the first or second largest fly fishing web site in the world. Well, folks, the Classic Fly Rod Forum has moved to a new home! You can access the new and improved site by CLICKING HERE.

As you can imagine, migrating such an incredibly large board from one site to another is an unbelievable amount of work. Two men who need special singling out are Tom Gould (owner of the Fiberglass Fly Rodders board, and Classic Fly Rod Forum moderator and database expert extraordinaire Mark Wendt. A third gentleman who shall remain nameless was critical in getting all of this done.

This evening, I received word a third favorite board--Ultralight Flyfishing--has also migrated from their old home to a new one.

Check out all three boards in their new homes and register for your username and password!

-- Dr. Todd

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