Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday Review: Robert Ellis' Bronson Reel Web Site

Thursday Review: Robert Ellis' Bronson Reel Web Site

ORCA member Robert Ellis has done a wonderful service for reel collectors with the creation of his Bronson reel site. Bronson Reel Photos is a collaborative site and has a ton of great information already.

The site is divided into sections. There is a "Bronson Reel Name List," "Named Reel Pics and Info," Trade Reel Names," "Sears Reel Pics," and a "How Can I Tell My Reel Was Made by Bronson" sections.

My favorite section, of course, is the Trade Reel Section. It has a lot of really cool Bronson reels, but the truth of the matter, of course, is that there is room for a lot more! This winter I will shoot pics of many of the Bronson trade reels i have for the site.

Kudos to Robert Ellis for taking this on! Only in this way do we gather enough information on companies like Bronson.

Check it out and if you have a Bronson not listed, send it in!

-- Dr. Todd


Unknown said...

Our father was a salesman for Bronson Reel years ago, and is currently in assisted living in Bronson, Mi.

We are trying to earn money to pay for his care, and have some samples he held onto. Action Rods, Dart, also some Heddon and St. Croix. 13 different rods, and assorted reels from Bronson, Jaleoxe, Bretton, Scientific Anglers, Heddon.

Are there any collectors interested in this stuff? A lot of them have never been used, and are in original cases.

Teal said...

Vince if you contact me at proflarson AT yahoo DOT com I can help you out! Thanks. -- Dr. Todd E.A. Larson