Monday, November 28, 2011

News of the Week: 28 November 2011

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Fish Hooks can now be dated to 42,000 years ago…Hardy & Grey's layoffs…tackle shops scrambling to keep up with striper run…more on Mann's purchase of the 'Bama Rig…New Zealand lures are defined by diversity…the Surfcaster is up and running again…Chuck Norris helps out a fly angler…young angling writer Melinda Moustakis is a big hit…it must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: The biggest story of the year--deep sea fishing (and fish hooks) began 42,000 years ago.

More on layoffs at Hardy & Greys.

Most awesome tackle appraisal ever: Sante "Banjo" Giuliani and Fred Kretchman's "Antique Tackle Appraisal & Road Show" hits York, Maine.

Too bad your huge tuna was confiscated.

Hooking big fish on circle hooks.

Tackle shops scramble to keep up with striper run.

More on Mann's purchase of the Alabama Rig.

Kiwi lures are defined by their variety.

The Surfcaster is up and running again.

Bass tourney in Canada is back in the black.

Chuck Norris helps out this fly angler.

Finishing with a Flourish: Young writer Melinda Moustakis new book is out, and its about salmon fishing.

-- Dr. Todd

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