Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pflueger 1905 Art Print Give-Away (Part II)

Last week, we featured a neat post on Pflueger 1905 Art Print Give-Away. At the end, I mentioned I would LOVE to see what this image looked like in color.

Now, thanks to Canadian collector Merrick Burr, we have an opportunity to see it in full color! Merrick writes:

This print was reproduced by A.L. & W. (Toronto) and used as the cover art for the 1928 catalog. They then made it into a lure box design for their inhouse made lures. I can not give you exact dates for the use as a lure box. I assume it started in 1928 until ????. ALW sold many Pflueger lures and I believe Pfluegar made most of the early metal lures marked ALW.

Wow. Thanks, Merrick! That print is even more beautiful than I would have thought. I find many things fascinating about this, but first and foremost is that it was still being used 23 years (and for years after on lure boxes) it was originated as a give-away. How incredible. Second, it is amazing how they "added" fishermen and a boat to the catalog cover. I wouldn't have thought to notice, but once you know what the original looks like, they stick out like a sore thumb.

The image is timeless and now you know what it looks like in color, thanks to Merrick Burr!

-- Dr. Todd


Tom Penniston writes:

Pflueger did a tin litho full color sign in 1905 based on that print as well.  There is one in Arlan Carter’s book I believe in full color.  They are scarce, but there is a small handful around, there is one pristine one that showed up at an auction in Northern WI some years back.  Check Arlan’s 19th Century lure book, I’m almost positive he has one in there, but if not, email him, he has it as a center piece in one of his Pflueger metal cases.

I looked in Arlan's book but couldn't find it in the Pflueger section, but I do recall seeing it in his display. Thanks for the update, Tom!

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Unknown said...

I would like to know the value of this sign in good condition.

Melissa Gilley