Monday, August 2, 2010

News of the Week: 02 August 2010

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Sharpes of Aberdeen history...not all trout tackle is the same...Pure Fishing in investing in angling's future...summer fishing in Yate...rod overboard!....a video of 300 gators feeding on the Pacific Rim...latest and greatest tackle from iCast...Carpapalooza...Shenandoah Museum displays tackle...St. Clair musky get bigger...Hawaiians target invasive fish in tournament...a record week on the Muddy must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: A short history of Sharpe's of Aberdeen.

Why all trout tackle is not equal.

Pure fishing is investing in angling for the long term.

In Oregon, an ex-fishing club member's passion won't be forgotten.

Looks like a beautiful summer of fishing in Yate.

The skinny on the Tackle-Busters club.

Rod overboard!

Want to see video of 300 alligators feeding at the same time on a school of mudfish? OF COURSE YOU DO!

If you're fishing the Pacific Rim, keep in mind the monsoon season...

The latest, greatest tackle from iCast.

A local Fishing Derby gives out fishing trophies to kids.

Bowfishing at the Carpapalooza.
The South Bend Tribune says that junk tackle can bring big bucks.

Vintage fishing tackle is on display at the Shenandoah Historical Museum.

Buzz Ramsey can help you prepare for Chinook season.

Why we should expect St. Clair's muskies to get bigger.

Angling with Jiminy Cricket.

This Hawaii fishing tournament targets invasive fish.

Finishing with a Flourish: A record week on the Muddy Mo.

-- Dr. Todd

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