Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jim Bo Update #2: The Rest of the Story

Jim Bo Update #2: The Rest of the Story

It's days like this that make all the work putting up this blog worth it.

Doug Carpenter writes us a final word about the Jim Bo. He sends the following advertisement from the December 1959 Field & Stream magazine featuring the Jim Bo, but in slightly different form. Note three things about this version of the lure. One, it has a red tail (the one referenced earlier) and two, that the address is now Bryan Manufacturing in Hopkinsville, Kentucky!

Finally, it is listed as filed under Patent #2881549, granted April 14, 1959 but filed for on June 17, 1952--nearly seven years before! Amazing amount of time. He is still listed as of the patent date at his Largo, Florida address, so he must have had some connection to Kentucky to manufacture them there. Amazingly, his "Patent Pending" from his first ads lasted the rest of the decade. Anyone know of another tackle patent that had to wait so long to be approved?

Thanks, Doug, for sending in the final piece of the Jim Bo puzzle! A lure that spans the 1950s and two states.

And now you know the rest of the story.

-- Dr. Todd

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