Monday, July 2, 2007

Louisiana Fishing Rebounds in the Wake of Katrina

After the natural catastrophe known as Katrina, and the in some ways equally horrific aftermath, it is refreshing to hear that Louisiana's fisheries are bouncing back. Having fished with a long-time friend who grew up on the Mississippi-Louisiana border, I know first hand the mania that people from this region have for their fishing. A recent feature article by Hugo Martin entitled Louisiana's Lure Remains a Fine Catch, originally published 01 July 2007 in The Los Angeles Times, quietly and elegantly details the comeback of this region so rich in history and culture.

From the saltwater fishing of the Delta to the Bayous to Lake Pontchartrain, the state of Louisiana offers much to enjoy in the way of fishing. That others are starting to rediscover this is a good thing.

--Dr. Todd

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