Friday, June 29, 2007

A Review of the June 2007 NFLCC Gazette

The June NFLCC Gazette arrived at the same time as the NFLCC Magazine and shows another step in the evolution of this journal, now in its 31st year. Edited by Jim Fleming out of Nashville, TN, the move to color seems to have become a permanent thing and certainly makes for a more striking magazine. This issue includes a number of interesting articles on a variety of subjects.

The first feature is entitled "The Unmentionable Collectables: A Short History of the Trolling Flasher" by my good friend Kurt Munden. This witty and interesting article surveys the most ignored piece in the tackle box--the flasher. I was happy to contribute the section on Companies to Kurt's excellent survey. A unique and interesting article!

The second feature is a follow-up piece entitled "Grand Rapids Fishing Lures, Part II: Franklin Alger and Frank Nixon Baits" by Terry McBurney, who doubles this month as he also had a fine article in the NFLCC Magazine. In this article, McBurney details Franklin Alger and the mysterious Frank Nixon, whose "persian ivory" baits are some of the prettiest to be found.

Frequent contributor Marc Dixon contributes a nifty piece entitled "A History of the Plano Molding Company: World's Largest Manufacturer of Tackle Boxes." This detailed and fun history covers the origins of this icon of American fishing from its humble beginnings in 1921 to the present.

Eric Borgerding, one of the best researchers and writers operating today, concludes his outstanding survey of Madison, Wisconsin's fishing tackle in "This Place Was Once Called Eden: A Brief History of the Late 19th Century Fishing and Fishing Lures of Madison, Wisconsin, Part II." This article covers one of the rarest metal lures, the Bert Ainsworth spinner, and properly places the tackle in proper perspective. Kudos to Borgerding as this is a terrific article.

Finally, a glowing book review of The History of the FIsh Hook in America, Vol. I by noted hook collector Jeff Kieny rounds out the contributions.

Regular features Can You ID Section, NFLCC Show Calendar, Want Ads, and various updates from NFLCC officers.

This issue is packed with information and the new formatting is starting to grow on me. I still wonder if having the first and last pages in color is the best use of this expensive treat--do we really need the Parliamentarian's Update in color when Borgerding's article was black and white only?

All in all, a great issue!

--Dr. Todd

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