Monday, June 25, 2007

A New Book on Skeleton Fly Reels

Richard Lodge, outstanding editor of The Reel News, has just written a new history and guide to Skeleton Fly Reels. Some of the early comments are extremely favorable. Noted South Bend historian Jim Madden notes that Lodge "did us all a service with his research." Dale Noll declared, "Just got book at the Nationals. Have never collected fly reels, but this book is just super great, not only for fly reels, but for the history of the many different makers that are included. I may just start to look for some of these reels myself." And noted collector Merv Bortner declares:

it is very informative on Skeleton Fly Reels. And the majority of the reels have three or more pictures. The front, back, and bottom views. A big help in identifying the differences between the different companies models. Plus a lot of pictures of the boxes they came in. If you collect these style reels or just come across them in the search for old fishing tackle and would like to know who made the reel you found, this is a must have book.

The book is available from The Whitefish Press.

--Dr. Todd

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