Sunday, April 1, 2007

One Web Site Resurrected (Partially)

Brian Funai--surfcaster, Pflueger collector, Hawaiian fishing writer, all around Renaissance man--has taken his valuable time to discover a fascinating web site entitled The Internet Archives. This site has an engine called The Wayback Machine:

Utilizing this engine, you can find some (not all) web sites that were archived via spidering programs (bots), and lo and behold, one of the great web sites on the internet to have disappeared, Harvey Garrison's Shakespeare site, was discovered to be archived. The problem is over half the photos do not show up in the archived version of the web site. Why this is, I don't have any idea, but at least a framework--in particular the sections on Shakespeare reel and lure numbering--can now be saved. This information will be passed on to Harvey's daughter who will decide where this will end up.

Three cheers for Brian Funai! Although only a partial success, any information saved is a victory.

--Dr. Todd

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