Tuesday, April 3, 2007

My New Book is Here!

FINALLY! My new book has arrived. You would think the ten years of research would have been the most difficult thing, but nothing could have prepared me for the headache of getting this book back from the bindery. I finished the manuscript layout for this on January 30th. Usually, it usually takes only three weeks for the book to be professionally bound (The Whitefish Press uses one of the four professional binderies in America that manufacture all mainstream books). But due to a bizarre confluence of events (they lost the cover TWICE, for example), the book only arrived yesterday. But I must say, it looks terrific. 352 pages of hard core fishing history. Anyone interested can get more information at:

The Fish Hook in America, Vol. I

I very much appreciate all the kind words about the blog, and all the support people have rendered me for our little publishing endeavour The Whitefish Press. It has been a lot of work but also a lot of fun. I love books and know that nothing takes the place of a good professionally bound book, even though the internet and things like this blog are fun and useful. I'll still take a book any day of the week.


--Dr. Todd

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