Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Voices from the Past: The Huffman Saddle (Baby) 1909

The following blurb was published in the October 1909 Field & Stream magazine. It is a description of one of the many new devices intended to help avoid backlashing reels, in this case the Huffman Saddle. But that's not why this is interesting; take a look at the image.

What's the deal with the baby? Seriously. Why would they have put a baby's head behind the reel? What image is this supposed to bring to mine? It just defies logic.

The copy read:

Something of especial interest to anglers is here illustrated -- the Huffman attachment for reels, manufactured by H.G. Huffman, 100 Federal Street, Youngstown, Ohio. Its uses are threefold: it is a reel and rod support, a finger-hook, and a positive reel lock. Moreover, it greatly facilitates laying the line out smoothly in reeling, and it is therefore a decided help in bait-casting, doing away with the tiresome gripping to hold the rod in proper position. In such work the hand tires before the arm, and that which should be sport becomes weariness. Though the fishing season is waning, another year should find us prepared, and it is therefore advisable to know something of this device. Write the makers for circulars.

Later in the issue, as was so often the case, there was also a Huffman ad, reproduced below:

-- Dr. Todd

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