Friday, November 8, 2013

The Friday Funhous

The Video of the Week

One fish in, one man out…

12 Things I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them
This is one sweet Payne bamboo fly rod.

A school of Chapman Water Nymphs is awesome.

Penn collectors are going nuts for this Model K.

Got to love a Heddon in a wood slide top box.

This Trout Oreno fly rod lure in the box is a wonderful find.

A Moonlight Ladybug is a an beautiful lure.

A Musky Vamp from Heddon is a bug chunk of wood.

A Meek #34 is as good as it gets when found in the box.

This Bagley is attracting a lot of interest.

A Pflueger Magnet in the box is a rare lure.

This 1914 California State license is very beautiful.

This 4 Bros. Egalite is a rare, rare fly reel.

As always, have a great weekend, and be good to each other--and yourself!

-- Dr. Todd

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