Monday, June 17, 2013

The Fishing for History Magazine for May 2013 is UP!

The June 2013 issue of The Fishing for History Magazine is up and ready to be downloaded! It's 90 pages of pure fishing history joy!

Editorial: Memorial Day

The Fishing Photographer with Doug Bucha

Deconstructing old Ads with Bill Sonnett: Bristol Rods

John Etchieson’s A Few Lines About Lines: Mermaid Line Spools

Michael Koller’s Hooked on Paper: Shakespeare Pocket Catalogs

Robert Ellis’ Bronson Reel History: Bronson Meisselbach Reels

Tom Jacomet’s Lure Lore: The Deuster Gopher Lure

1000 Words: Chief Mohawk

Ben Wright’s Spinning Reel Report for May 2013

Annotated Tackle Catalogs with Dr. Todd E.A. Larson -- Supplee-Biddle 1915 Underwater Minnows

Buck’s Shots with G. Buckley Juhasz: The Case for the 10' fly rod

1000 Words: Female Fly Fishers

Steve Lumpkin’s Illinois Tackle History: Bite Alarms

Focus on Full Page Ads: 1922 Winchester

Big Game Fishing History with Dr. Tim O’Brien: A History of Big Game Rods

Gary Hall’s Quiz of the Month

Gary Miller’s Angler’s Miscellany

Voices from the Past: Hardy Ads

The Friday Funhouse for May 2013

Letterheadings with Jim Jordan

Voices from the Past: A Tour of Allcock

Photo Essay: The Fishing Magazine Cover

The UNID Files

Dick Braun’s Zebco Memories

Blast from the Past: Gypsy Fish Oil by Steve Barrow

Finn Featherfurd on Newspaper Tackle Ads Part I

The News of the Month for January 2013

Lost Patents: Doc’s Leader Straightener (1932)

Hollywood Goes Fishing

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