Friday, December 7, 2012

The Friday Funhouse

The Video of the Week

I don't know what I like more -- the way this dude-bro was using his spinning rod upside down, or the two-fish-on-one-cast. Either way it is a classic.

12 Things I Would Buy If Only I Could Afford Them

Who wouldn't want an Arnold Palmer spinning reel in the box, even if they were one of the worst fishing reels ever made?

This is a nice Talbot Schmelzer Arms reel.

I like this Helin Flatfish dealer display box.

This Lawrence Creel catalog is superb.

You may find an occasional Uslan 500, but rarely in the box.

Just the thing for that night out -- an A&F tie clasp.

Never heard of these Immage Up Tails but they are pretty neat.

You don't find a Pagin Scale Bass-Oreno with detachable hooks very often.

I like this Weezel Sparrow in the box.

This Vom Hofe salmon reel is unreal.

A Heddon Spin Diver in gold flitter?

Heddon 4-18s were made by Jack Welch. They are inspiring.

Well, winner winner chicken dinner. A Haskell Minnow has arrived on the 'bay for the first time in several years.

As always, have a safe weekend, and be good to each other, and yourself.

-- Dr. Todd