Monday, March 12, 2012

News of the Week: 12 March 2012

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Terrible tragedy occurs when noted outdoor writer and wife are killed in fire…Sebile crankbaits are awesome…the Alabama Rig again…the Fred Hall show…a nice article on the Pflueger Medalist…Sprecher's Bar sold fishing tackle…British angler dies when rod hits electric wire…a review of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen…a Roaring River guide…tying flies is great…Jeremy Lin, basketball star and dedicated angler…Dennis Whiteside, collector, gets profiled…Chanel Fishing Rod is $18,000 of chic angling.

The Big Lead: A horrible, horrible tragedy--outdoor writer and photographer Don Ingle and his wife Jean passed away in a house fire. What an incredible sad event.

Sebile crankbaits are becoming all the rage.

Your weekly dose of Alabama Rig.

The Fred Hall show runs all weekend.

A nice article on the Pflueger Medalist.

Custom rod builders come to High Point.

Sprecher's Bar in Leland has been open for 111 years--and sold fishing rods.

Rod thief is caught.

Sad news: British angler dies when rod hits electric wire.

The Northeast Wisconsin Fishing Show is a three day event.

A review of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.

Emily Blunt hooked Ewan McGregor's dog while fly fishing…

Man makes career from fishing Roaring River.

Tying flies is a great form of therapy.

Basketball star Jeremy Lin goes fishing for Redfish.

A nice profile of lure collector Dennis Whiteside.

Finishing with a FLourish: The new Karl Lagerfeld Chanel Fishing Rod is what all the chic anglers will be fishing with.

-- Dr. Todd

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