Monday, March 26, 2012

Fishing for History Turns 5 Today!

Well, folks, five years ago today Fishing for History began. Hard to believe it's been five years -- honestly, it sometimes feels like I've been doing this for a decade or more. At times it has frustrated me, at times it has made me want to pull out my hair, but mostly it's been a ton of fun. I get to share something I am passionate about and am lucky enough that there are a lot of people who want to read it. So my sincere thanks to everyone who stops by and takes a look at what myself, and some very talented other folks, write about our favorite past time.

I wish I had time to develop all the ideas I have for the blog, but alas, I struggle to find the time to do what I am doing right now. But I will try to keep it as fresh as I can.

1800 posts and a million or more words and unique visitors alike...1000 days in a row with a post with no advertisements or pop up ads...even the occasional angry email. Along the way we've lost some of our best friends, and picked up some new ones. It's all been a strange and wonderful ride.

I think I'll let Marilyn sing Happy Birthday this year, as we celebrate our 5th Birthday.

Here's to many more!

-- Dr. Todd


Mike said...

Happy B-Day Dr. Todd! After all Fishing For History and you are one in the same! I love Fishing For History! Now if only you could turn it into a TV show my DVR would already be filled to the max! Thank you again for all the great information and insight you bring us everyday Dr. Todd and all the best! Mike~

Ben said...

Congrats! I only found your blog a short time ago, but it is really an outstanding piece of work. Keep at it!

Very Respectfully,


e.m.b. said...

All your efforts are much appreciated! Happy birthday, and keep it up! Here's to many more...

farlowandhardy said...


Congratulations on the 5th year anniversary. I just found out about your blog and find it extremely interesting. Keep up the excellent work and best wishes on your next decade and beyond!


mhackney said...

Happy Birthday! What a great resource this blog has been. Thanks and here's to another 5 years!

The Eclectic Angler

iWalton said...

Congrats! Love the blog!