Thursday, January 19, 2012

UNID Files #18: The Case of the Ohio "English Minnow" SOLVED

The UNID Files #18: The Case of the Ohio English Minnow

Jeff Henry emailed me with a cool metal box without the lure and was hoping someone had run across this before. Here's what Jeff wrote:

I have recently found  this box. Do you have any info. The labels are made of thick paper and put on the box. The box says the lure is made of a hard rubber composition and has glass eyes.

This is an English-looking rubber bait and from the looks of the box probably dates from the 1920s or early 1930s. It's very neat.

So…has anyone seen one before?

UPDATE: No less an authority than Joe Stagnitti has written in to say this is a fake, made to fool collectors! File this one away, folks, for future reference!

-- Dr. Todd

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