Monday, January 16, 2012

News of the Week: 16 January 2012

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5 year old girl much better angler than you…30 year old tackle box mystery solved…Rapala/VMC's annual report…St. Croix's Walleye "Dream" Rod…fireman and angler he saved are reunited…New Hampshire's Sport FIsh & Wildlife program celebrates 75 years…Pittsburgh surgeon and fly angler Dr. Walter Myslewiski has died…a rock-and-roll fly rod…Ontario's new electronic fishing license system is a "total disaster"…it must be THE NEWS OF THE WEEK!

The Big Lead: 5 year old girl better angler than you; lands fishing contest top prize.

Big fishing tackle heist in New Zealand.

A 30-year old tackle box mystery is solved.

Rapala VMC's 2011 summary.

St. Croix launches a series of Walleye "dream" rods.

Fireman who saved drowning angler is reunited with him.

New Hampshire's Sport Fish and Wildlife program celebrates 75 years.

Noted surgeon and fly angler Dr. Walter Myslewiski has passed on.

Reviewing a rock-and-roll fly rod.

If you're in West. Va. take a class on fly fishing.

FInishing with a Flourish: Why the electronic hunting and fishing license in Canada is a "total disaster."

-- Dr. Todd

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