Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday Review: January 2012 Reel News

I am on record as saying one of my favorite days is when the new issue of The Reel News arrives. The latest issue has hit the stands and it is a beauty.

I am LOVING the new color look and higher quality paper. This issue is flat out great.

We get Mike Cacciopo's latest Penn entry on 1932 prototypes. Typical of Mike's thorough research, it is enlightening, interesting, and chock full of photos. On a separate note, I am also happy to announce Mike's new book on Penn reels is slated for a March release from the Whitefish Press. Look for more info soon...

Regular columnists weigh in on great subjects. Ben Wright offers us the second part of Italian spinning reels, Stu Lawson gives us his normal charming column with tidbits of Pflueger fly reel info, and Jim Schottenham gives us a roster of awesome reels in the Auction Report. Bob Miller weighs in on Pflueger boxes over the years, and my own contribution is the history of Bigelow & Dowse's "Big Low" trade reels. Michael Hackney weighs in on odd-ball reels with the very interesting James Reel from Missouri.

Wallace Carney continues his amazing series on early Mitchell history with a look at later Mitchell spinning reels. I hope very much Wallace will continue the series as its amazing. As a note, folks, the Mitchell Mates web forum has moved from its old home and is now located at a new home you can access by CLICKING HERE.

This issues also spotlights two incredibly knowledgeable collectors: Dick Braun, the Zebco guru who gives us Zebco go-withs, and Rick Heitman, who details how his grandfather influences his collecting even today.

If you are not an ORCA member--and at this point I'm just going to continue rolling my eyes if you aren't--you can join us by Clicking Here. The Reel News is lovingly edited by Richard K. Lodge.

-- Dr. Todd

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