Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday Review: The Mystique of Ambassadeur: It's Unexplained Stories

This week in our Thursday Review we feature a book that was brought to my attention by Ambassadeur guru Fred Ribb--Simon Shimomura's The Mystique of Ambassadeur: It's Unexplained Stories. It's the third in a series of detailed works from this Ambassadeur expert.

Like all of Simon's books, this one is for the real Ambassadeur nut. It is very technical in places and sometimes delved into things of which I was fairly lost. But there are more than enough engaging stories to tide over the Ambassadeur novice like myself. I particularly enjoyed the little tidbits like learning the Ambassaduer 4500 (which I had when I was younger) came in two different spool sizes.

The book is a series of essays brought together between the covers of a book, and as this my favorite kind of tackle book, I was able to delve into it over the course of several weeks. I talked with Simon at the recent Milwaukee show and discovered him to be as open and engaging as his books are.

Shimomura is a very good writer and researcher and his newest book belongs on the shelf of anyone who considers themselves even a slight Ambassadeur fan.

It is available directly from the author. More information can be find by Clicking Here.

-- Dr. Todd

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