Saturday, June 11, 2011

Deconstructing Old Ads: For the Creative and Thrifty Fisherman (1937)

For the Creative and Thrifty Fisherman

From the pages of the June 1937 issue of Outdoor Life comes this advertisement for the creative fisherman. A few months back we talked about various kits that were sold for those who wanted to assemble and finish their own plugs (read the original article by Clicking Here).

Today's ad takes that creative spirit to a whole new level! My memories of using my Dad's supply of Plastic Wood are of a strong smelling substance that stuck to one's fingers and anything else it came in contact with before drying to a rock hard consistency. As a teenager, I attempted to make fishing lures out of several different, non-fishing related, household items. I can say without fear of contradiction that it never occurred to me to try to make a fishing lure out of Plastic Wood. Perhaps this ad is responsible for some of the unexplainable “Folk Art” baits that show up from time to time.

-- Bill Sonnett

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